Baby Bunnies in the Grass

baby rabbit bunnyTonight at Safari Science as I was leading a family program about baby animals, one of the dad’s shared an awesome story about a family of baby bunnies living on his neighbours lawn. He even had a video to show the discovery.

What happened was before cutting the grass, his neighbour was checking for rocks when lo and behold, there was a family of baby bunnies hidden away in the grass. The momma bunny made a nest using grass and fur and hid the babies so well it was a miracle they were found.

To feed the babies, the mother would hop on over, lay on top of the nest as if though she was just resting. The babies would nurse and then she would hop away. Totally undercover! Watch the video to see how amazingly well the babies were hidden. The bunnies grew up super quick.  The photo you see here is of very same bunnies that are in the video just a few weeks later. Enjoy!

Press play to listen

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